Greater Manchester Police and Crime Commissioner, Tony Lloyd, must go

27 March 2014

Following this week’s announcement of a new ‘ethics committee’[1] for Greater Manchester Police, Manchester Green Party has today joined with other political groups to call for the resignation of the Greater Manchester Police and Crime Commissioner (GMPCC) Tony Lloyd. In the letter below, they highlight a catalogue of issues on which the people of Manchester have seen little action.

The ‘ethics committee’ was formed in response to the launch of a triple investigation[2] by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) following serious allegations into the force’s conduct.

The Chair of Manchester Green Party, Deyika Nzeribe, said: “The formation of an ‘ethics committee’ to oversee the Police, of all organisations, is absurd. Do we really need a panel to tell the Police the difference between right and wrong? The issue is not police ‘ethics’, it’s police conduct.

He continued: “The IPCC investigations are the latest in a long line of issues to confront the GMP in the time Tony Lloyd has been Crime Commissioner and frankly, he is out of his depth. As an MP for Manchester, he has had a long and notable career[3] but under his leadership, Manchester policing has nose-dived. Greater Manchester’s Black and Asian Police Association (BAPA) is describing it as a ‘crisis in leadership’.[4] He should do the right thing and stand down immediately.”

The full text of the letter, sent to a number of media organisations today, is as follows:

We, the undersigned, are concerned about the IPCC investigations into the Greater Manchester Police force and the recent formation of an ‘ethics committee’. We note that in the past six months very little has been heard from the GMPCC, Tony Lloyd, on the following issues:

When Tony Lloyd first took up the £100,000 p.a. role of Police and Crime Commissioner, he said[12] "Where the public don’t trust and value the police, we don’t get effective policing. At the moment there are big gaps."

With all of the recent scandals, he is doing nothing to improve the situation.

The day-to-day management of the GMP is the responsibility of Chief Constable Sir Peter Fahy and according to GMPCC’s governance document,[13] one of the Commissioner’s key roles is to “hold the Chief Constable to account on behalf of the people of Greater Manchester”.

This is clearly failing to happen. The following people and organisations call for Tony Lloyd, the Greater Manchester Police and Crime Commissioner, to resign from this position. The people of Manchester deserve better.

Deyika Nzeribe, Chair of Manchester Green Party
Colette Williams, BARAC and Respect Party candidate
Simon Pook, solicitor for the Barton Moss anti-fracking campaigners
Loz Kaye, Chair of Manchester Pirate Party
Mark Krantz, Socialist Workers Party
The Northern Police Monitoring Project

Further comments:

Colette Williams, BARAC and Respect Party

"During the campaign for Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Lloyd promised that he would be an advocate for the people, that he would work tirelessly to improve the relationship and instil trust and confidence between the community and the Police. However since he has been in office there have been a number of issues which have been brought to his attention regarding police conduct and he has quite simply refused to engage in any real open discussions on these issues. It seems that his only priority is to raise funds for his office and not to fulfil the pledge of building trust and confidence between the community and the Police."

Mark Krantz, SWP

"It is hard not to draw the conclusion that Tony Lloyd is in the pocket of Peter Fahy."

Loz Kaye, Pirate Party Manchester

"We have always said the Police Commissioner post was a bad idea. Now we have found out how bad it can go. When it suits Tony Lloyd can be political by campaigning for the Labour party. But he has shown no leadership on key political issues like policing at Barton Moss. It's time we were given the choice to have a commissioner who really will stand up for all people in Greater Manchester."


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Deyika Nzeribe, Chair Manchester Green Party

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