Manchester Green Party Contacts

For information or or to offer help with the Gorton by-election please contact the campaign manager Matt Schreibke: email or phone 07706 847 816. #MakeGortonGreen #VoteJessMayo

If you want to get involved in the Manchester Green Party or would like to help with the #Will4GreenMayor Greater Manchester Green Parties' Mayoral Campaign 2017 please contact the chair.

The Officers of Manchester Green Party consists of:

  • Chair Astrid Johnson
  • Co-ordinator Matt Schreibke
  • Secretary and enquiries: Adam King, 07444 469 648 or email
  • External Communication/Press: email Adrian Thompson and Stef Wyatt
  • Membership Secretary: Vicky Matthews
  • Treasurer: Arnold Spencer
  • Internal Communications: Christopher Ogden

You can find us on Facebook and Twitter.


Other Green Parties

Manchester Green Party covers the City of Manchester only. For other Green Parties in the Manchester area see the local groups page, or the national website.

For other Green Party contacts in the North West of England, see the regional website.

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